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We provide digital marketing agency services such as SEM, SEO, Display, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Amazon/Rakuten optimization, Public Relations, Landing Page Optimization etc. to advertisers, agencies for the Asian markets.

Our job is to be the bridge between you and Asia. We are passionate about providing services with excellence, and thought leadership with deep analysis and insights into trends and performance, and are here to solve your problems. And our partnership with Grace Translation Service enables us to provide localization for Asian languages that will maximize performance for regional campaigns. Additionally, Artience, whose CEO is a long time friend of our Representative, is our partner for paid campaigns and organic programs management and executions. They have abundance of experience with global clients like LG, Samsung arming us with the capability to work on large scale projects.

Apart from daily services that we provide, we never forget about serving the communities we are in. This is because, for us, we highly value impacting our communities, societies around us.

Taro Kaji, Representative, Taro Kaji Office, LLC
Taro Kaji, our Representative, has more than 10 years experience working with Fortune 500 global clients as Account Lead for the Asian markets assisting with their digital marketing efforts in the region, which includes a decade of his career spent at an award winning US based global ad agency Covario and iProspect. Clients that he worked with in his career include Adobe, Facebook, Gap, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Instagram, Intel, JTB, Kao, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Manfrotto, Maserati, McAfee, P&G, Regus, Rolex, and more. His time at Yahoo Japan prior to his time at ad agencies gave him the experience he needs to work successfully with various medias. He is fluent in Japanese, English and Korean.

Asia Digital Marketing Taro Kaji Office, LLC

(Photo: Taro Kaji, Representative, Taro Kaji Office, LLC.)

Kentaro Fujikawa, Representative, Grace Translation Service
Representative of Grace Translation Service that specializes in localization for Asian languages. Areas of expertise include medical and electrical appliances industries. Kentaro also has a strong background in marketing in the areas of research and copy writing. In terms of marketing research, he worked with some of the largest ad agencies in Japan, conducting research in the healthcare, automotive and electrical appliances industries in China. He was also the editor of one of the largest news medias in China responsible for the localization and copies of the media for the Japanese audience in China. 

Grace Translation Service Kentaro Fujikawa

(Photo: Kentaro Fujikawa, Representative, Grace Translation Service)

Kyeong Hee Kim Kaji, VP, Marketing & CSR
Kyeong Hee is a trilingual who is a native Korean speaker, fluent in Japanese and English.
She is a freelance reporter, and has also worked in the marketing department for Korean Air in New Zealand in the past. She is very well versed in the South Korean market. A strong market analyst and a graduate of Yonsei University in South Korea.

Kim Kyeong Hee Kaji Taro Kaji Office, LLC

Masatoshi Kaji, Performance Operations
Masatoshi is a highly seasoned bilingual who speaks, listens, writes and reads both English and Japanese with excellence. He has a solid experience in paid media marketing for global brands. He holds Pre-1 of the English Proficiency, scored above 900 for TOEIC, and currently studies law at Keio University in Japan..