Apparel Industry Competitive Landscape in Japan (2)

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Before we look into the digital marketing strategy that we can see for each of the brands, I would first like to look into the area of missed opportunity.

As you can see below, コーデ which means coordinating clothes in Japanese, is seeing a strong rise in search interest compared to keywords like fashion, men’s fashion and ladies’ fashion in Japanese. This shows that audience primary interest has become what the fashion leaders are wearing and how they are coordinating the clothes to look stylish. This seems to be one of the primary starting points for the Japanese consumers in their purchase journey.

However, I am currently not seeing any of the brands command the top position of the organic search ranking for the keyword コーデ which means coordinating clothes in Japanese.

In the next post, I would like to look into their presence in Pinterest, one of the largest social medias people go to and check out how their fashion leaders coordinate their clothes.

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