Are we seeing a spillover effect of Coronavirus on Corona Extra?

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What are the impact of Coronavirus on various brands? Let us take a look at Corona Extra for this post.

Below chart (Table 1) is what we are seeing from Google Keyword Planner regarding the monthly search volume trends for the keyword Corona Beer in Japanese. There was 173.48% month over month increase from December 2019 to January 2020. Month over month search volume increase was seen for the similar keywords such as Corona Extra both in English and in Japanese.

Table 1

Below (Table 2) is what we are seeing from Ubersuggest regarding the organic traffic to in December 2019 and January 2020. We are not seeing a month over month increase here in traffic here. Coronavirus related keywords don’t seem to be driving the traffic to the site either. (Table 3)

Table 2

Table 3

Coronavirus related searchers do not happen to accidentally or intentionally visit but spillover effect to Corona Extra seems to be happening in the searchers’ minds as a result of seeing Coronavirus in various medias. It seems to be acting more as a reminder to those who are already aware of Corona Extra brand than as a way to raise awareness to those who are not aware.

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