What are the opportunities seen in the global epidemic?

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Some of the advertisers seem to be lowering spend or pausing their ad campaigns in this time of global coronavirus epidemic but now is the ideal time to keep the campaigns live  as more audiences continue to stay online, with potentially less ad auction competition, leading to lower CPC, more traffic and exposure given the available budget. Now is the time for advertisers to sow for that time of harvest to come!

However, the current status that I see is the opposite. Most of the advertisers seem to be staying online, and we are seeing even an increase in interest in digital advertising continuing with the trends that were already seen in early 2020. 

Let us look at the search interest trends in multiple markets in Asia such as Japan, South Korea and India regarding digital advertising. 


South Korea


Marketers seem to be making the necessary adjustments to shift their budgets to digital from traditional in this global epidemic. Out of home advertising could get a negative impact due to the fact that the increasing number of audience is expected to stay at home. Digital marketing agencies need to be prepared to take on additional clients, and budgets.  

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